Taking into account that the tourism industry is constantly developing and the demand for various forms of leisure activities is growing, we have created a series of concepts relating to the „Water Worlds –source of positive emotions” zone in our Free Time Facilities. The objects are of an educational and entertainment nature, and each of them is dedicated to a different corner of the Earth. The unique character of each concept allows visitors to enjoy an exciting journey through the many special water worlds of the Earth while also bringing them into contact with rare specimens of fauna and flora, providing guests with a reliable, year-round, weather-independent entertainment option while providing them with a source of positive emotions.

The episodes of the „Water Worlds” concept have been developed as a response to the growing demand for leisure facilities catering to families and the need to improve the attractiveness of large cities and agglomerations, providing a positive impact on the development of the entire tourism industry in the chosen city.

Episodes of the WATER WORDS

PFI Future S.A. is the owner of a licence that allows for the construction of large aquariums, which are a tourist attraction and are a GUARANTEED COMMERCIAL SUCCESS. The facilities are designed to accommodate between 0.5m to a maximum of 4m visitors yearly, and they function as a place for spending free time for residents while also acting as a magnet for tourism for cities.