VR Cave is a complex of attractions based on the most modern VA and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) technologies supplemented by interactive multimedia techniques, through which entertainment / educational content can be conveyed. A particularly effective and attractive way of conveying content is through a form of rivalry („playability”), which through the use of VR and AR techniques can create a unique attraction that appeals to visitors of all ages. The flexibility of the technology allows for the preparation of any content. The uniqueness of the attractions should be ensured by the creation of local content, such as themes relating to the history, culture or tradition of a city, region or country. A great example is a 5D cinema, where viewers take part in a breathtaking extreme flight over the local area, discovering monuments, seeing famous attractions from an unknown perspective, discovering places unknown and inaccessible or by making numerous journeys throughout time and space.

Functional assumptions:

  • adaptable in size – usually from 400 to 2000 sqm
  • high throughput allows a steady flow of visitors throughout the day
  • can be created as a stand-alone attraction or as a complement to and reinforcing the message of another major attraction such as a themed museum, aquarium, etc.