Shopping Centers have quickly became part of the permanent landscape of modern cities and the lives of their residents. They have changed the ways of shopping, work and spending free time. Are they, however, adapted to the ever-changing, growing expectations and needs of consumers?

Today, a very strong trend is appearing in the world that indicates that it is more and more important to understand that the key task of Shopping Centers is to provide visitors with new forms of spending their leisure time – either alone, in a circle of friends or with family. Attractive forms of entertainment and ways of spending free time will become, in turn, a magnet attracting millions of visitors yearly.

Such an approach, such a philosophy, will allow investors to change the perception of Shopping Centers in the minds of visitors. It will be a way to free the Shopping Centers from their negative associations, transforming them into modern Free Time Facilities, which are a „factory” of positive emotions, a place for building and strengthening interpersonal relations. It is also the perfect answer to building a commercial strategy that is resistant to strong on-line competition.

We propose to our partners to build or expand modern shopping centers enriched with leisure time zones, as these are investments that are:

Forming a new generation shopping and entertainment complex, adapted to the current needs of the consumer;
Becoming an icon of the region thanks to a unique entertainment offer;
Increasing the area of ​​impact of the Center, which is why they generate an additional, multimillion turnout;
Attracting the most desirable group of consumers;
Having a real impact on the sales increase of the other tenants of the complex;
Creating new shopping culture by combining commercial and educational values;
Activating areas of the Complex by directing the flow of visitors through properly designed areas of entrances and exits on different floors;
Providing long-term income for the owner(s) through long-term lease agreements
Increasing the market value of the overall facility.

Oceanaryjne, tematyczne atrakcje o ponadregionalnym zasięgu, pełniące funkcje edukacyjno-rozrywkowe. Wielkość modelu strefy zależna jest od planowanej frekwencji.
Tematyczne Strefy zabaw i nauki dla całej rodziny
Tematyzowana przestrzeń edukacyjno-rozrywkowa dla pasjonatów techniki i motoryzacji.
Edukacyjno-rozrywkowa strefa zabaw i nauki, przeznaczona dla dzieci w wieku od 3 do 7 lat.
Strefa wirtualnej rozrywki oraz edukacji.
Unikatowa przestrzeń skupiająca prywatne praktyki  medyczne  z różnych dziedzin związane z chirurgią jednego dnia.


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