PFI Future SA has been established to create new investments, based on the use of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) in order to create and implement projects. Each project is thoroughly analyzed in detail in both formal and legal aspects, while emphasising the security of such investments as well as the possibility of obtaining an above-average return on invested capital.

The Company creates investments which are to act as an alternative investment for investment partners.
These investments provide a mechanism for the safe investment of capital, with the possibility of obtaining an annual dividend.
It also provides products for pension funds, which last for several generations.

At present, the most intense activity of the Company is investments and activities related to:
a) Multifunctional Buildings for Free Time and Leisure,
b) Intelligent Offices with comprehensive cyber security installations,
c) expansion of the hotel network „Secret Continental”
d) cooperation in the construction of the Interactive Tourist Platform „Hello Poland”;
e) building and strengthening of Poland and Polish brands internationally
f) construction, commercialization and management of modern shopping markets, as a form of strengthening Polish producers, with those from the food sector among others
g) construction of Medical Centers – „out-patient” facilities within the scope of investments created by PFI Future S.A., providing essential infrastructure and promotion of Polish medicine.
h) creation and / or construction of investment products as an alternative for multi-generational pension systems.



Multifunctional Buildings for Free Time and Leisure are the ideal answer for meeting the tourist, entertainment and educational needs within large cities and agglomerations. These are buildings composed of many different types of zones, such as an Oceanarium, the 5D+ Caves of Science, Exotic Lagoon Swimming Pool & SPA, Interactive Science Center, Convention Center, Medical Gallery, Food Court, Hotel, and more.

The construction of this type of facility is always preceded by an appropriate analysis taking into account the existing city attractions, current and future needs as well as the potential growth of tourism in the region. This will create a tailor-made facility that will provide long-term profitability for  investors.

Further information about the Multifunctional Buildings for Free Time and Leisure is available for download.


Poland is currently a very attractive market, which enjoys great interest from investors who wish to either open branch offices or to relocate their businesses to Poland. As a result, there is constant strong demand for modern office spaces.

Offices constructed by PFI FUTURE S.A. are investments designed for the 21st century, as they are situated in good locations and characterized by modern technological solutions in terms of installations, ecology, security and in their resistance to cyber-attacks. This makes them an excellent way to multiply the capital of investors.

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Throughout our world, aquariums are one of the most popular tourist attractions. They quickly become new icons of cities, and provide a year round flow of tourists to cities that host them. The commercial success of aquariums in turn helps to develop other branches of the local economy (for example, tourism, transport, hotels and gastronomic services). This translates into increased revenues for cities, which acts as a spur for further dynamic development.

The creation of such attractions is made possible due to the combination of unique competencies and licences held by PFI FUTURE S.A.


See how the first Oceanarium-Afrykarium was constructed in Poland.


PFI FUTURE S.A. is willing to take part in the creation of bold and unique investment Projects. The acquired experience and trust in the company allows the company to cooperate with a wide range of partners on investments, such as:

Private investors
Trading companies
Universities and other institutions of learning
Cultural institutions
Institutions under the control of provincial governments and local authorities

Through cooperation with PFI Future S.A. on joint projects, the company is able to provide:

Formal and legal preparation of the investment
Full investment financing
Commercialisation of the completed investment
Management and administration of the investment

„Jeśli zaczniesz oszczędzać i inwestować dostatecznie wcześnie, dojdziesz do punktu, kiedy utrzymywać cię będą twoje pieniądze”

Peter Lynch

Investing in real estate is the safest and most reliable way to multiply capital. This is confirmed by all statistical analyses and financial results.
We recommend two studies that will allow you to see this model of investment capital.



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