Our concept – Free Time Facilities – are directed also to local and provincial governments, as an answer to the question of further development in their areas. Today, it is important to implement such investments, which improve the quality of life of residents, providing them with permanent, year-round workplaces, as well as several alternative ways of spending their free time in a safe, attractive environment.

Contemporary modern cities and agglomerations must be attractive not only for tourists but also for local communities, which should balance the number of people (tourists/residents) enjoying the attractions of the city. However, the tourist season should also be long enough to ensure the all-year, permanent employment of local residents in the tourism sector.

Free Time Facilities are the best solution to meet the needs and expectations of residents, tourists and city authorities. The construction of the Free Time Facility should take into account the existing attractions of the city, its current and future needs, as well as the growth of tourist traffic.

It is worth taking into account that modern Free Time Facilities are investments that:

  • are a central focal point for marketing and promoting the host city
  • extend the city’s tourist season to 365 days a year
  • become a strong magnet attracting a new, wide tourist stream
  • have a real impact on the development of many branches of the local economy (eg transport, accommodation, catering, etc.)
  • become a new icon of the city and the region,
  • create a new culture of spending free time for residents
  • meet the needs of many social groups
  • provide long-term profits and revenues to the city or provincial budget

Advantages for the city from hosting a Free Time Facility and other tourist attractions: