„Point Nemo” is a multifunctional sports-recreational-cultural-educational facility, which is a response to the extracurricular needs of children and young people. The facility acts as a local community center, where a wide range of extracurricular activities can befound – including sporting, educational, cultural or scientific activities in order to reduce and prevent social exclusion and addiction. „Point Nemo” will therefore provide varied activities and programmes aimed at integrating residents, while building positive relations. „Point Nemo” is a great place for young people to incubate hobbies and build passions.
Depending on the needs of the community, it is possible to create different areas, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, sports hall, meeting rooms for neighbourhood clubs, small auditoriums, etc.

The proposal is directed at municipal authorities, both in towns and in cities, aimed at the development of these municipalities in order to provide young people with alternative forms of leisure activities while developing their passions.