Moto World is a zone comprised of varied, year-round family and hobbyist attractions, whose common denominator is passion for the automotive industry, its history and education, along with technical information and traffic regulation.

Functional assumptions:

  • The children’s experiment zone is equipped with interactive exhibits, which allow even the youngest visitors to understand how a car works – from classic cars to cutting-edge electric cars;
  • In the „Children’s Workshop” children can feel like car mechanics and be left under the supervision of qualified staff for a certain period of time; appropriately equipped and safe working areas allow for a number of repairs and maintenance activities to be carried out on a model car, aircraft, etc;
  • In the multimedia museum, guests can admire a classic exhibition of historic, sports and other unique vehicles, the narrative is also enriched by the use of multimedia and VR.
  • The zone can also include a railway model with the VR effects, a miniature park, a museum of motorization with visualizations and narration relevant to the presented exhibits.
  • The concept is differentiated by a toy and model shop and the Moto-Cafe – a themed café/restaurant (exhibits, decoration, F1 racing broadcasts, etc.)