Multifunctional Building
Multifunctional Building
Modern Intelligent Office

The operates throughout the entire country. The main focus of the company is in finance and investment along with acting as an incubator for new entrants in the field of new technologies and services.  The goal of the company is to be involved with the supervision and/or management of other entities. Our company takes a direct interest in these entities through our representatives, while assisting other stakeholders with finance, marketing and technology.

The company plans to create a long term strategy for other entities, while playing an active role in the decisions made by those entities in the future, including the creation of Special Purpose Vehicle structures, in order to successfully complete chosen projects.

In addition, our goal is to strengthen our marketing efforts in order to build the image of an attractive employer and stable investor that can offer investment opportunities in our assets with a high rate of return.



ul. Św. Mikołaja 19          T: 71 712 73 00
50-128 Wrocław             E:
NIP 8982222030             Share Cap.: 37 456 800 zł