On August 7, 2018 a meeting was held with the Director of the „Produce Georgia” Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustinable Development – Mr. Mikheil Khidureli on the implementation of multifunctional buildings for free time and leisure in Georgia.
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How does the entertainment industry work? What makes tourists come to Wrocław? What role does PFI Future play in this? And what are the company’s next investments? You will find response for those questions and more in interview with the President of PFI Future!


PFI Future SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PFI Global Capital Group and is a holding company established to prepare and implement large real estate projects, mainly in the education and entertainment industries. PFI Future SA brings together the unique competencies of companies belonging to the PFI Global Group as well as other partner companies, thus providing the ability to implement innovative investment projects through the use of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that may be established in partnership with local governments and/or other commercial partners.

The basic strategy of PFI Future SA is the identification, preparation and implementation of projects which belong to the field of multifunctional educational and entertainment leisure facilities, corresponding to the evolving expectations of the local community and adapted to the rapidly growing needs of the wider tourism industry, which in turn are created and managed in a way that guarantees long-term stable income, high visitor numbers and overall profitability of the chosen project.

PFI Future SA invites all interested parties to take part in the joint implementation of investment projects alongside local governments, public institutions, owners and operators of shopping centres and capital partners interested in profitable, sustainable investments!

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As part of its strategic priorities, PFI Future SA implements the following types of projects:

  • Large, multifunctional, independent leisure facilities, such as oceanariums, which act as a supra-regional attraction, becoming a unique feature of cities with high aspirations related to the rapid development of tourism.
  • Large multi-functional leisure facilities, integrated into modern shopping centres, becoming a magnet for customers looking for family entertainment and the opportunity to spend their leisure time in an attractive and entertaining way.
  • Smaller educational and entertainment facilities, which complement existing shopping complexes, entertainment centres or public facilities, raising the attractiveness of a given location for residents, customers and visitors.

Projects prepared and implemented by PFI Future SA also include investments in:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Residential developments

Which can also accompany educational and entertainment facilities or as an independent investment project.



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