Multifunctional Building
Multifunctional Building
Modern Intelligent Office

PFI Future SA was established to carry out new investments based on the usage of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in order to complete selected investments. Each project is analyzed in detail in the areas of formal and legal aspects, the likelihood of successfully implementing the project, as well as the possibility of obtaining an above-average rate of return on invested capital.
The company implements investments that act as an alternative investment opportunity for investment partners. These investments are provide a place for safely placing capital, with the possibility of obtaining annual bonuses.

These are also investment products that can act as a pension fund over several generations.

Currently, the most intensive area of the Company’s activities are investments and activities related to:

a) Multifunctional Buildings for Free Time and Leisure
b) Intelligent Offices with integrated Cyber Defence Systems
c) Building the network of hotels “Secret Continental”
d) Cooperation with others through the creation of the National Tourist Information Center “Hello Poland”

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