The Kids ZOO is an interactive play and entertainment area adapted for children aged between 3 and 12, which brings children closer to the world of animals. Specially designed for separate age groups, play and entertainment areas can be combined with an „animal kindergarten”, which allows the youngest children to have contact with small animals, which can be fed under the supervision of qualified and experienced caregivers.

Functional assumptions:

  • The zone is equipped with a variety of playgrounds adapted to several age groups, the main theme of which is the world of animals;
  • The children are cared for by professional caregivers, who provide a range of entertainment, including games, competitions and workshops;
  • Themed shows will allow children to experience a safari journey, play the role of animal breeders, become wild cat trainers or even veterinarians;
  • Apart from entertainment, the area also plays an educational role – children interested in purchasing a pet can take a practical course in caring for a selected species of animal and obtain a certificate of the  „Professional animal keeper”;
  • The zone is equipped with a space adapted to the organization of birthdays and other special events for children.