In our Free Time Facilities, we provide attractions of various kinds, suitable for the whole family. We are convinced that the gastronomic zone can also be a unique place that offers unique culinary experiences. Depending on their location and the precise character of the overall facility, our restaurants operate under the brands of „Laguna Bistro” and „Korba”.

Laguna Bistro

It is a restaurant that features a modern design – with a wide range of quick snacks, energy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all enriched with aromatic coffee and delicious pastries – prepared according to recipes straight from the home kitchen.
Each restaurant is located in a unique place, e.g. on board the „shipwreck” overlooking the pools that contain African seals and penguins, thus providing additional attractions to their clients and an atmosphere without comparison.


This is a unique place, which functions both as a restaurant and as a place for lunch.  It meets and exceeds the expectations of employees from nearby offices, tourists, as well as residents of the host city, all of which eagerly enjoy the comprehensive gastronomic offer.
Subtle flavours of dishes and baked goods are used to emphasize the unique character of the interior – casual, but also refined in every detail. A cosy and warm design is combined with unique details in order to create a coherent and recognizable brand image. In addition, stylish furnishing created to an individual design – ensures the comfort and well-being of guests. The restaurant gives a clear signal to visitor that the style is “casual”, that is the hosts emphasise freedom, ease, convenience and informality.

Dedicated offers

Our restaurants also provide the opportunity to organize private/closed events.
The rich creative inventiveness of our experienced team guarantees elegant preparation of dishes, within an exquisite culinary setting. We are capable of hosting large banquets or company dinners in the form of a smorgasbord, with sophisticated delicacies from selected areas of the world, or even themed cuisine – meeting the highest expectations from the most demanding palates. We offer a wide range of finger food dishes and light cocktail style desserts during breaks at conferences, scientific meetings or other mass events.
We also organize events for our clients, such as dinners in special places such as within an underwater tunnel, where you can experience an unforgettable evening surrounded by sharks, rays and many species of fish. During the Christmas season, we also organize special dinners for companies.