The Experimentarium is a series of episodes of within our Free Time Facilities, constituting a  Science Centre based on unique and interactive methods of bringing the world of science to life. As an educational-entertainment zone for the whole family, it is designed to propagate knowledge, promote science and widely understood pro-ecological solutions through a wide variety of fully interactive exhibits.

Functional assumptions:

  • promotion of technological solutions related to renewable energy sources (biomass, solar, wind energy);
  • the secrets of science, presented in an interactive form, dedicated to various age groups;
  • Exhibition functionality – permanent and temporary exhibitions that show visitors the principles of operation of various types of innovative solutions of the latest technological thought, presented in a simple and accessible manner;
  • educational functionality  – workshops and laboratories, experiments conducted with the participation of visitors, lessons, lectures and symposia aimed at bringing the topic of modern technological solutions to visitors and cities as a whole;
  • the possibility of organizing dedicated biology lessons for students from all over the country.

Some proposals for the episodes of the EXPERIMENTARIUM

Eksperymentarium – Dolina Lotnicza
Eksperymentarium – Planetarium
Eksperymentarium – Miasta Przyszłości
Eksperymentarium – Energia