The Exotic Lagoon is a zone which acts as an oasis of sunshine for 365 days a year. In the zone,  visitors will find a tropical forest, pools with sandy beaches, waterfalls, water attractions for all ages and a large number of deck chairs, allowing the chance to rest and relax. Tourists, as well as residents of the city and the surrounding area will be able to enjoy sunbathing regardless of the day, season or external weather conditions. This relaxation zone is complemented by a sauna, fitness and other attractions.

The Exotic Lagoon is a facility that provides a new form of active relaxation for the whole family, although it is not a sport swimming pool or a typical Aqua Park. The Exotic Lagoon is a concept that provides guests with a dose of exotic, sunny and positive emotions. It is an facility for all those that are thirsty for sunshine, relaxation, peace and adventure in the tropics.

Depending on the planned attendance numbers, we offer 3 different models of the Exotic Lagoon: